Bondall Garage & Factory Floor Protector

Formulated on a modified polyurethane alkyd resin that provides a tough hard wearing film with good abrasion resistance and excellent durability, this product dries to a pleasant low sheen finish and contains "slip-guard", an additive, which helps reduce the danger of slipping associated with other paving paints.

Primarily intended for use on concrete floors this product can also be used on brick, stone and timber if required. ideal for use on driveways, paths, carports, warehouse and garage floors, timber decking and boat decks. Will not lift under hot car tyres.

Slipguard Added CSIRO Tested No Hot Tyre Pickup Australian Made

Protection Level

Gloss Level

Features & Benefits:

• Single pack
• Contains 'Slip Guard' to reduce slipping
• Forms a tough hard wearing film
• Good abrasion resistance
• Excellent durability


2, 4 & 10 Litre cans.


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Tuscan Straw





Steel Blue

Soft Slipper

Granite Grey

Forest Green

Ferric Red

Sea Spray


Doe Skin





Boulder Smash



Colour to be used as a guide only. 

Colours will need to be tinted.


TEST AREA. Always test on a small inconspicuous area, to ensure that the product is achieving the desired result, prior to application over the entire area.

Surface preparation is important and all surfaces must be prepared correctly before application. surfaces should be clean, dry and free from grease or grime. Bondall have a range of cleaning products to assist with the preparation of surfaces prior to coating.

Concrete surfaces-unpainted:

Allow new concrete to cure for a minimum of 4 weeks before coating. Etch the concrete with Bondall Efflorescence stain Remover diluted 1:1 with water and apply to a damp surface and work in well with a stiff broom. Allow this mix to stand for 15 minutes before thoroughly washing the entire surface with fresh water. Properly etched concrete will feel like sandpaper. smooth trowelled concrete may require a further application for maximum adhe- sion. Allow surface to dry for two days after treatment.

Concrete surfaces-painted:

Remove any loose or flaking paint by wire brushing or sanding. For large areas use a high pres- sure water cleaner. some previously painted surfaces may not provide adequate adhesion so we suggest a trial area be carried out first before proceeding with a large area.


For unpainted timber surfaces sand thoroughly and dust off. Fill nail holes and cracks before painting.

  • Stir well before and during use to keep the "slip-guard" in suspension.
  • Use a broad flat paddle and stir with a lifting motion to incorporate the entire product.
  • Apply the first coat of Bondall Garage and Factory Floor Protector diluted 20% with clean mineral turps by brush or roller. This will assist with penetration and will promote adhesion. Spray application is not recommended.
  • Allow to dry for a minimum of 6 hours before re-coating. A minimum of two coats must be applied. do not apply if the temperature is below 10ºC or if rain is expected within 24 hours (when used externally).
  • Ensure adequate ventilation during use.
Drying Time

Bondall Garage and Factory Floor Protector will be touch dry in approximately 1 hour. Re-coat after a minimum of 6 hours.
Allow drying overnight before allowing light foot traffic on surface. drying times are a guide only. Longer drying times may be required under cooler or humid conditions.


Bondall Garage and Factory Floor Protector will cover approximately 8-10 square metres per litre, diluted 20% on new concrete and 10-12 square metres undiluted.


Two coats applied 6+ hours apart should be sufficient.


Thin first coat with 20% clean mineral turps to assist with penetration into the concrete. Second and any subsequent coats should be applied undiluted.

Gloss Level

Low sheen satin.

Clean all equipment promptly with mineral turps followed by a warm water rinse with a little detergent do not pour contents or washing down drains or sinks. Dispose of as per your council regulations.

Precautions/ First Aid

It is recommended that normal personal protective clothing should be worn, including coveralls, impervious gloves and goggles. Avoid unnecessary skin contact and inhalation.

If swallowed, contact a doctor or the Poison information Centre on 13 11 26. Give water to drink and do not induce vomiting.

DS Garage & Factory Floor ProtectorDS Garage & Factory Floor Protector (109 kb)
MSDS Garage & Factory Floor ProtectorMSDS Garage & Factory Floor Protector (155 kb)
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