Ranex Rustbuster

Ranex Rustbuster converts rust from a detrimental oxide to a beneficial phosphate of iron, chemically destroying any rust present and leaving the surface in a suitable condition for painting when completely dry.

Surface Rust/ Tarnishing - removes rust spots, cleans & polishes stainless steel, chrome, brass & copper. Ideal for bikes & tools etc. Rusty parts can be soaked in Ranex.

Stain Remover/ Cleaner - Dissolves and cleans off bore water, rust and mineral stains from most internal and external surfaces - toilets, baths, basins, windows, walls, boats & other non-porous surfaces. Some brick surfaces perform better than others.

Watch Ranex in action below!

Features & Benefits:

• Pentrates to chemically destroy rust
• Removes surface rust
• Cleans and polishes chrome, brass, copper etc.
• Dissolves & cleans off rust and borewater stains
• Cleans boats


Available in 500ml, 1 litre and 4 litre cans.


* Note: avoid contact with vehicle paintwork, Colorbond ®, dry concrete, anti-fouling paint, marble & anodised or galvanised surfaces.

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